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FREKANS Research Field and Data Processing Co. Ltd. was formed by research industry experts in 1997 to meet the growing demand for a truly nationwide research organization. The FREKANS mission statement is: - “To Provide the Best Logistical Support for Fieldwork, Data Management, and Related Consultancy Services”.

Through adherence to its mission statement, FREKANS has consistently outperformed its growth targets. FREKANS now boasts a headquarters in Istanbul and Branch Representative Offices in 21 cities throughout Turkey with professional staff and fully trained experienced fieldwork staff in excess of 400 people. FREKANS conducts and processes an average of 10,000 – 15,000 questionnaires per month for its clients.

FREKANS is proud that it counts governmental departments, international research institutions, corporate research departments, universities and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) amongst its client base.


FREKANS, in each stage of the research process, strictly follows the standard international research guidelines. This assures the quality and integrity of its research results. As a member of The World Association of Public Opinion Research (WAPOR), The European Society of Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR), and The Turkish Association of Marketing and Public Opinion Research, the International Code of Conduct (ICC) is strictly followed in all research projects undertaken.


FREKANS is not simply a market research organization that collects and collates information on the tastes of consumers; indeed we are trusted by governmental and academic organizations to conduct nationwide attitudinal surveys.

As a recognized market leader in the provision of high quality service and in acknowledgement of its unsurpassed nationwide coverage, FREKANS is often contracted by fellow research organizations.

The Directors and project specialists of FREKANS' technical and management divisions have been involved in the research world for many years and have themselves been responsible for managing and coordinating large and complex development projects in Turkey. FREKANS is fully aware of the challenges that arise in conducting fieldwork to fully realize a project's objectives. This experience enables FREKANS to adapt to dynamic situations and provide solutions for unanticipated circumstances.

The Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation’s (TESEV) survey “European Union Survey" : 3060 face-to- face interviews were conducted in 17 Turkish cities located in rural and urban regions and representative of the Turkish electorate. The interviews took place between May 18th- June 4th, 2000. The fieldwork was conducted by Frekans Research:
EU relationships are built upon issues that are seemingly easy to agree on, these are perceived and evaluated differently by various groups within the public. The project aims at analysing the subgroups in the public opinion demonstrating a significant difference in their perceptions, attitudes and preferences, in order to evaluate the relationship between Turkey and the EU and to orientate policies on the national and international spheres.
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The Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation’s (TESEV) survey “Religion, Society and Politics in
Turkey ” results were first published in 2000, the fieldwork was conducted by Frekans Research:
This study attempts to analyse the relationship between religiosity on the one hand and socio- political attitudes and behaviour on the other. It is based on a survey conducted in February 1999 with a representative sample of the Turkish electorate.

The results of the study provide interesting insights into understanding the relationship between religion and politics in Turkey. According to the results, the majority of the Turkish people are practicing Muslims and devout believers. However, religious belief and practice is considered to be limited to private life and the idea of religious involvement in public life is not supported. On the other hand, the interference of The state in religious life is not approved either. The results of the study also show that the percentage of people who want an Islamic state in Turkey is relatively high (21.2%).
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