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We are proud to have completed 600+ projects with a large number of clients over the years. We have listed just a small selection here to highlight those areas where we believe we have excelled.

Violence Against Children in Turkey

EU Communications Strategy Survey

Effects of the Internet and Media Habit on Politic Attitudes

ISKUR Vocational Training Evaluation-Impact Evaluation Surveys

Women Entrepreneurship in Turkey

Kayseri Universities and City Interaction

Istanbul O/D Transportation Surveys

Corruption in Turkey, from the Perspective of Business World & General Public

Lineup Migration History Of Turks in Europe

Survey with Organic Agriculture Farmers

Socio Economic Impact of Agricultural Subsidies

Women Fertility In Turkey

Global Competitiveness of Turkish Cities

Early Childhood Development, School Readiness and Pre-primary Education

Analysis of Financial Literacy Surveys

Social Security Surveys

School enrollment and drop-out problem in primary school education in Turkey

Informality in Turkey; Causes, Consequences, Policies

Anti-Semitism / Tolerance Against Different Cultures

Impact Evaluation of the " Education for Girls Project"

Religiosity & Wellbeing

Satisfaction from Services, Patronage Relations and Reform in Central and Local Governments in Turkey

Democracy Today: Elections, Protest and Stability in an Islamic Society

Justice Barometer-Perceptions of Turkish Citizens on Justice and Law Systems

Households’ Stocks and Assets: A Survey on Consumers in Turkey about their Financial Choices

Scaling up Social Transfers in Zambia

Attitudes and Behaviors of Citizens Towards Tax

Strategic Groupings and Competitive Structures of Turkish Textile Companies

Survey on Disabilities

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